Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lifedrawing update: 5/26/09

Well after sorting through the drawings from last night,
and burning the ones that were disappointing I'm left with
these two: -The other drawings were proportionally bad and
too messy. I find it very challenging to keep a balance
between being conscious of each individual brush stroke
and working the whole drawing in a generally loose way.
When I do solve that problem then I'll be confident in drawing.


  1. The first portrait is quite nice, great use of negative and positive space, very nicely composed on the sheet, love the integration of the background with the subject. The backdrop really helps the composition, and came out very nicely.

    Man the bottom one has a fantastic sense of depth. The subject is very well defined with a minmal amout of brush strokes used.

    The background really pulls this piece together giving it that great sense of depth, while simple it does a whole lot, it came out great!

    My only CC would be: to me it feels like that dark stroke right above the hip is too strong, and becomes a focal point.

  2. Hey there Russell, man thanks for dropping in on this post. I'm really glad that you enjoy the first drawing. I'm trying to push my compositions to include the whole page, like you said, that way it will read better.

    I'm indeed trying to practice my brush economy, I feel that more can be accomplished with fewer strokes,heh. I think that too many lines can create a disconnected and choppy
    look, which leads to a messy piece.

    I agree, the cast shadow abover the hip is too
    dark in value, even though I tried to balance this element out with the dark accent in the background I do feel that it is too strong.