Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On composition and lifedrawing

Okay, so in the pursuit of making better and better pictures
I've started to become aware of compositional choices and
forcing myself to actually compose pictures with elements
that I want and others that I do not wish to include.
Here are two drawings that I created today at the local
lifedrawing session, along with a parsing of each:

I started out this drawing by dividing it into three areas of values;
light,midtone,and dark. Here is a simplified visual of what I was thinking:

I then composed the drawing by thinking about design and how to pleasantly
lead the viewer's eye through my drawing. The urns in the back repeat in a
diagonal up to the figure's head,a key area of interest, which is
also circular just as the contours of the urns. Each urn has a simple design
which is repeated on the pillow near the model, tying the background to the
foreground. While I'm on the subject of shapes, I've chosen to repeat a simple
triangle shape, the spear, in a way that leads the eye in a triangular pattern
through the picture:

On this one I used the arrangements of a chosen shape,flowers, to lead the viewers
eye throughout the picture. While analyzing my drawing I realized that the shadow
cast by the vase I included also mimics the shadow cast by the figure's head.

I'll wrap up this post with some sketches I made today:

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