Monday, May 18, 2009

Outdoor study

After the Sunday afternoon drawing session
I hiked the greenbelt by my home and created
this little study. There are so many things
that frustrate me about the painting, such
as the color temperatures especially the
vivid purple shadow, ugh. I'm content with
the relationship of hard/soft edges between
the treetops and rooftops.


  1. Awesome study, man. It is well composed and you do a good job of seeing it in large pieces. There are a lot of good temperature decisions, but they are not necessarily consistent - both warm and cool shadows. Honestly, this isn't a criticism because I have no idea how the light was in this situation, and I am no expert on temperature. I tend to approach it as a constant relationship and push all or most shadows to cool if painting a subject in direct sunlight.

  2. Nicely done Brian, the image really captured the time of day well [ if it was when i drove over XD ]. Nicely composed and I can see your improving with your studies :).

  3. I appreciate the kind words=D I will continue to pursue pleasing compositions and pay close attention to color temperatures.