Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday evening I felt as if I had to paint;
so I walked to the greenbelt near my home and
found an interesting batch of trees that were
showing some pleasent temperatures in their tree
tops. Before I had begun painting I decided
to focus on temperature relationships, but as I
started studying the two trees before me something
hit me; or shall I say, dawned on me. Perhaps
Kautzky can explain what I observed better than
I can:
"Remember that limbs and branches passing in front
of dark areas should be left white where they catch
the light or gray where you want them to show up
in shadow. Against the light sky they should show up
as clean dark strokes, their values varying with
light conditions. It is these many contrasts which
give the sparkle to your drawing and fill it with

Funny how I had heard about this concept before,
yet hadn't known how to use it until I discovered
it for myself.

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