Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day for painting:8/22/9

Well, last Saturday certainly was a day
that I shall remember for a long time.
I felt very productive having captured
the figure in the morning and later
pursuing a landscape in the evening,
all the while learning and enjoying
the day with friends. Even
though my car broke down towards the
end of the day my friends came to the
rescue, and really helped me with my
broken down car.
Here are two products that I created:


  1. I like both of these. I like the textures on the top painting (Stephen likes them too), I like the warm/cool variations on the buildings too. I like painting at Zedler. I wanna go back and paint some of the old machinery laying around too. You've also already mastered skin tones. I have a long way to go on that.

  2. Thank you for the kinds words. Zedler is indeed
    a beautiful and unique area, one that has so
    much to see!

    I have great difficutly when it comes to drawing with paint, as in getting correct
    proportions and measurements. I think this
    is why my stuff tends to look abstracted,
    and divorced from what I see. I have a long
    way to go on becoming more accurate with
    measurements, and until I grasp that, I fear
    that correct color/value will be of litle use
    when the drawing is incorrectly represented.

  3. The landscape is wonderful! It works both as an abstract design and a representational work. Nice color and compositional decisions.

    I also agree with tiffany that you make a lot of good painting decisions, regardless of subject. When it comes to portraiture though, good drawing, as you stated is crucial. As such, your portraits have great painting moments, where colors work well together to describe skin/hair etc but they falter when it comes to proportions.

    My advice is to take your paintings to a mirror or flip them horizontally in photoshop. Apply hard perspective (as Carlos recommended to me - put the head in a box with all major features vanishing to 2 points) to 3/4 studies.

    Thanks for your comments, as always, and best of luck on your quest.

  4. Heya Brian,
    If you have troubles drawing with paint, can't you just do a pencil underdrawing?

    you can solve all your proportion problems with the underdrawing before you move on to paint.

  5. Yeah I could do that, perhaps I'll
    just take longer on my initial underpainting.