Monday, July 11, 2011

"Greenbelt Boulders" 10x8" Oil

As I was walking along the creek bed
I saw the morning light being cast onto
the trees and ground, not yet having
reached the boulders; simple enough
to setup my gear and paint.

Soon after I had begun, not more than
30minutes into the painting, I saw
that the sun had started to caress
the boulders and eventually wash
out the whole scene with that
saturated light of noon. I'm often
reminded that landscape painting
isn't about copying the scene,
but rather trying to make a
meaningful statement in paint.

(In this photo, the light saturated
everything. My original idea can
be seen on the canvas, not in the
scene before me anymore.)


  1. Hey A.J., thank you very much!

  2. Brian,

    it came out nice and different in the same time. I just wonder why you left these beautiful clouds out of the painting?


  3. Hi 4Rider,

    I was initially attracted to the simple design
    of the sunlit background, not yet having streamed onto the foreground boulders, so my concentration was on the ground that morning.
    The clouds were pretty too, but I'll keep those in mind for another day. Thanks for the comment, 4Rider.