Monday, July 18, 2011

"Mayfield Lilies" 10x8" Oil

The beautiful lilies were enough inspiration for
me to paint, and I wanted to capture them early
on in the painting, but I had to remind myself
that there must first be water for the lily pads
to sprout, followed by the flower itself.

The flower was my driving idea, the thing that I
would execute with accents and such, but that
idea was suspended until further in the painting

Just as if there would be no flower in the garden
without the context of water, in my painting I
don't think I could represent a light shape without
first having laid in a dark shape.


  1. Just beautiful! Damn i need to get out and paint.

  2. Thank you, A.J.

    Painting will be even more pleasant when the cooler weather approaches, too.