Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Oak 14x11" Oil

I know one of my weaknesses is in drawing while I think my strength is in color. Perhaps this is because I've mostly painted outside, trying to get the big picture down and chase the fading light. Outside has always been a more pleasing environment for me. Maybe one day I'll have my own studio so I can focus inside on my drawing for a change.

 I've been studying trees lately, trying to learn about their qualities. What sets apart this tree from that? While my past efforts were unsatisfying, I think I'm getting closer to recreating more pleasing forms:

I had started in the morning during a bright, overcast sky in with the sun behind the tree, shining into the clouds the sky was bouncing light around like ground glass and the oak cast its huge canopy onto the ground. Among other things, these huge oak trees are known for their shade.

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