Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grazing in the Sun:Field Study 7x5 oil painting

 I came across one of these, longhorns I think, while I was exploring the hill country not too far from Johnson City,TX. I was attracted to the warmth reflected up and into the shadow of its massive form. Maybe I will see him again sometime soon.


  1. Very inspiring dude. Love this painting. If you got a minute can you tell me about the supplies you take with you on these field studies. I'm always wanting to get out there, but I just can't decide what to bring.

  2. Thank you, Kevin.

    When I go outside I have all my gear in a duffel bag(tripod,turpenoid in sealed metal can,paper towel roll,camera,water and snacks) in one hand and my travel easel in the other(which is folded up nicely in a wooden box carrying case w/ handle. The wooden box also holds spare canvas panels, too, even when wet ).
    My travel easel, or pochade box, is made by Open Box M.
    I've seen other painters use easels by Easy L and Guerilla, to name a few.

    I already have my paint on my pallete, squeezed out into large globs and patted down, which stay on the pallete, before I head out the door, (so I don't bring tubes of paint with me)

    When I find a scene I want to paint, I take out my tripod, open the wooden carrying case, pull out the pochade box and attach it onto the tripod. I have a side panel which attaches to the pochade box when opened that holds my brushes.

    Hopefully that helps a bit

    1. This is super helpful. Thanks Brian. You've me so excited to get out into the country and paint. Keep up the great work.