Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Pace Bend, Giles Cove" 14x11 Oil

Yesterday afternoon I had gone out to the lake :

Photo of my studio:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Desert Dagger" 12x9 Oil

"The Chimneys" 14x11 Oil

"Mule Ears Peaks" 14x11 Oil

East side of Mule Ears Peaks in Big Bend National Park. You can read a bit more about my journey in the previous blog post.

Big Bend Painting trip, Early summer 2013

Well, I went to the Chihuahuan desert for several days to paint a few scenes in Big Bend National Park. Each day I'd hike mid-day(around 12-1pm)  in order to set up and paint the landscape by late afternoon/early evening. Sometimes this involved hiking several miles to points of interest, while on the hike out I'd seek desert springs to refill my water and take a break from the 100+ temperatures.
In the end I created these paintings from some areas of Big Bend that caught my eye:

As I'd drive on the highway near a little desert town called Terlingua I'd see a famous landmark,
Mule Ears Peaks, as an interesting, light blue shape in the far distance.

I'd see it from the west face, but I wanted to hike the east side of it, while the sun was casting the shadow of the peaks. So, the day before I planned the venture.

Here is a photo my easel setup(I use an Open Box M) while I was painting the east side of Mule Ears Peaks. The solitude during the whole journey was pleasant.

On another day I went to paint a ridge of distinct rock outcroppings called The Chimneys:

Here is a view of Burro Mesa Trail, which was dotted with these huge dagger-like plants:

Here is quite a view of the Rio Grande and far into Mexico. I had tried to paint a scene from way up high but it didn't turn out so great. There are so many great views from River Road but I felt a bit uneasy painting so close to the border, but hopefully another time I will try again.