Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arizona and Desert Big Horns

I had recently visited the state of Arizona and had a chance to see some areas of interest in the southern city of Tucson. I wouldn't mind living in that desert region.

It was fascinating to see the western landscape change from rolling hill country dotted with juniper and oak to a drier, less humid and arid desert space with mountain views. Large Saguaro cactus reaching towards the cloudless sky replaced the oak trees of Central TX that I had grown familiar with seeing. The city of Tucson is a pretty SW mountain town with the Catalina range to the north (Mt.Lemmon) and the Rincon's to the east. Depending on the time of day and weather, the city can have a backdrop of a solid blue tinted shape.

I wasn't able to do much hiking since I'm still recovering from a rock climbing injury that I had sustained in mid April, but I did manage to hobble short distances and in one outing with my friend, Cliff, I saw one of these Desert Big Horn Sheep:

I'm drawn to the symbol of the mountain goat, and this Big Horn Sheep reminded me as to why I liked climbing in the first place. I had enjoyed the simple freedom of movement and the eventual control over fear.

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