Saturday, August 15, 2015

Elephants and Color

When I had gone to AZ I visited their Zoo and observed these Pachyderms with their massive form reflecting the sunlit grass. As they trumpeted around I tried to remember the hues that bounced off of their leathery hide.

I had heard it uttered once, and I'm seeing it now, the most  chroma, I mean pure hue rather than some desaturated, muted tone, can be seen in the areas of the form that are transitioning out of shadow and light. The not quite areas, the wishy washy expanses seen in the form. Look at these places and the color will be there.

I try to push chroma until it verges on breaking the value, and if I go to far then the integrity of the form breaks asunder and the gestalt fails as a composition. But what else is there? I didn't go into painting to be a meat photocopier.

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